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24 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

Recent information on the modernization of Turkish Type 209/1200 Navy

23-03-2010 17:16:54

Recent information obtained recently for the modernization of old submarines Ay Type 209/1200 class of the Turkish Navy. According to information from Turkish sources both old class submarines will be withdrawn from service soon join the ranks of the Turkish Navy's first two submarines Type 214.

It is known that Turkey has signed shipbuilding yards total Golcuk 6 submarines Type 214TN with subsystems to be built in Germany and Turkey.

Although initially was thought to modernize Type 209/1200 submarines by installing technology AIP propulsion system similar to that applied to the program Neptune II applied by the Greek Navy preferred to adopt a more limited program upgrade.

The excessive cost of the program a radical modernization program and the great age of the ship where the oldest is already 34 years old and the youngest 21 years has led the Turkish Navy to implement a rigorous program of modernization that includes the installation of new systems and new periscope ESM / ECM and new communications systems.

The original idea to install a new Combat Management System (SCMs) abandoned. Limited interventions decided to evaluate 4 torpedo tubes can launch and heavy American torpedoes Mk48 ADCAP Mod6. It is estimated that if the information is true ultimately may need to upgrade the SCMs.

The Torpedo Mk48 ADCAP Mod6 is positive launch weighs 1676 kg, a diameter of 533 mm., Length 5.79 meters, range 23 miles at a speed of 55 knots and 50 km at 40 knots. The burden of the war head is 295 pounds and guidance either by wire unwinds as the torpedo is directed towards the target, either through active or passive sensors, the torpedo which detect the area of interest to find the target based on the data available. The torpedo exploded under the bed of the ship, creating steep vertical shifts can breaks the frame and bed.

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