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24 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

Romanya ABD'den 24 adet İkinci El F-16 Almak İstiyor.

Romanya 800 milyon dolara 24 adet ikinci el F-16 almayı istiyor.

Romania To Purchase Secondhand F-16s

BUCHAREST, Romania - Romania will purchase 24 secondhand F-16 fighter jets in an effort to revamp its Air Force, the country's Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) announced March 23.

"Since Romania does not have the necessary resources to buy new multirole combat aircraft, the CSAT has approved the defense ministry's proposal to purchase 24 secondhand F-16 jets," the Council said in a news release at the end of a meeting headed by President Traian Basescu. "The decision will be submitted to Parliament for approval."

The Lockheed Martin-made jets will replace the aging, Soviet-made MiG-21 Lancer aircraft now used by the Romanian Air Force.

No details on the cost of the purchase were immediately available.

Romania has long mulled the purchase of fighter planes but has delayed the decision because of a lack of funds.

In 2008, the defense ministry had argued that buying secondhand F-16 jets would enable Romania's armed forces to enjoy greater inter-operability with other NATO states.

At the time, military sources had said the secondhand jets would cost a total of $800 million, while purchasing 24 new ones could cost $3.5 billion.

Apart from the F-16, Romania was also considering purchasing Swedish-made Gripen jets (Saab), Eurofighters (EADS, BAE Systems and Alenia/Finmeccanica) and French-made Rafales (Dassault).

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