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24 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

Azerbaijan and South Africa’s Paramount Group produce first anti-mine armored vehicles

The Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan will hand over first deal of the armored carriers Matador and Marauder produced jointly with the South Africa’s Paramount Group to the Armed Forces in near future, Minister of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan Yaver Jamalov stated.

Jamalov said five anti-mine armored carriers were produced and tested in the enterprises of the Ministry of Defense Industry. 50 carriers are expected to be handed over to the Armed Forces by the end of the year.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Paramount Group John Craig noted that one of the basic plans they prepared jointly with the Ministry of Defense Industry was finding of new clients in the region. “We will export mostly vehicles produced in Azerbaijan to those clients. Paramount Group sees Azerbaijan as an important center for production of such transport means. Of course, the question is not only about the transport means. We have other plans regarding the production of defense goods. The question is about the technological cooperation as well and cooperation opportunities can be extended in future”, he said.

“First of all I should say that our products have new design. At the same time the cutting-edge technologies are used. We applied newer technologies after analyzing similar products. Another difference between our vehicles and those produced by our competitors is the design. We design the vehicles so that they do not have aggressive appearance. Unlike the military vehicles having aggressive appearance, such vehicles can be used in the peacekeeping operations, internal security situations”, said Mr. Craig. According to him, one more difference is that they use the materials used in space vehicles and it ensures the durability of the vehicle and this is one of the main and differentiating features. The Chief Executive Officer stated that engines, transmissions and other parameters of Matador and Marauder are almost similar. This makes it easy to deliver and provide these vehicles. Secondly, the company created two different vehicles. Matador has a crew capacity of fourteen. Marauder carries has crew capacity of ten. The company made their appearances different. Marauder is capable of making maneuvers. It can make maneuvers in cities, short and narrow areas. Matador is bigger and carries more personnel. The technical team wants to complete the workshop in the plant in Baku.

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