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14 Mayıs 2010 Cuma

Azerbaijan, Turkey produce multi-spectral camouflage for military equipments

Amman. Rashad Suleymanov – APA. Turkish Oztek Company and the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan began production of multi-spectral camouflage for tanks, armored vehicles and other military equipments to prevent their detection by radars and thermal cameras, Ahmet Oztek, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Governors told APA.

The joint production began last year, said Oztek. “We are working with Azerbaijan for a year. I hope our joint production will be developed. We are doing serious job to develop production of such equipments in Azerbaijan to meet needs of Azerbaijan and to export the goods abroad”.

Oztek said a part of multi-spectral camouflage produced in Baku was already delivered to the customers.

The chairman said Oztek’s multi-spectral camouflage was cheaper and more qualitative and sustainable than same goods produced in the European countries”.

“The radars, thermal cameras and night vision devices can not detect the multi-spectral camouflage we produce. Our products have different characteristics”.

Oztek said his company had several other projects with Azerbaijan, but he didn’t give details

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