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25 Mayıs 2010 Salı

Greek-Israeli "shield" in the Aegean - Extended scenarios for joint exercises with fighter PA

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Large scale joint air exercises to be performing the PA and the Israeli Air Force in conducting complex scenarios Aegean air incidents.

For this purpose, five Israeli F-15I Ra'am and five F-16I Sufa landed yesterday at 115PM in Sudan for the joint exercises would last all week.

The aircraft, together with both the F-16C degrees the 340m and 343M based on 115PM and with other types of fighter aircraft from other squadrons PA, will synekpaideftoun a series of missions such as air dominance, land attack on strategic targets depth throughout the Greek airspace, and air refueling in the central Aegean

For this reason, the inclusion will take place and KC-707 in Israeli Air Force. It should be noted that this is the first time that Israeli fighter attempt by a Greek air base conducting exercises along with fighters of the PA.

The exercise is called "Minos 2010" and its realization can not be random this time especially if one takes into account the bad climate in Turkish-Israeli relations.

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