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31 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

MISSION: Mirage 2000-5Mk2 and SCALP EG on 114 AM - Killing combination

30/05/2010 22:02:46

In the 114 Wing and specifically in 331 squadron of Mirage 2000-5Mk2 for just can not blame them one is the lack of offensive spirit. And how could, indeed: Is this the fate that since last autumn has assumed a role never before had entered Greek business unit, whether owned by Air Force or the Army or the Navy. The "ypostratigiki, as it is called officially, percussion.

"Ypostratigiki" in the paper because it is practically full strategic impact with the acquisition last fall of operational capability missile launching cruise SCALP-EG. The 114 AM accustomed to the "hard tricks": In 1960 the then 335 Squadron of F-104G in power, had been certified by NATO for dropping nuclear weapons ...

Sending four Mirage 2000-5Mk2, the experience of "firing" missiles cruise SCALP-EG and three hard (very hard ...) set-up who lived will read the strategy to be released on June 15 . For the importance of the mission and the recording of simulated firing missile SCALP-EG will just mention some of the words of the commander of the Combat Wing, Brigadier Evangelos Constans, who was present at the briefing room where they designed our mission: "Mission and weapon use beyond than you know today about the possibilities of RSVP And hide many surprises. And so we want to stay. So attention to write

The SCALP EG is a subsonic projectile «fire and forget» varousperipou 1230chlg a maximum diameter of 1m and opening pterygion3m. The turbojet propulsion of Turbomeca Microturbo TRI 60-30

result in a flight speed of 0,8 mach and a range "of over 250 km" The aeronautics design SCALP fully integrates technology stealth. The fuselage is constructed

ling in order to reflect most of the incident radiation in different directions than that of the radar operator.

Moreover, beyond the geometric construction materials used RAM (Radar Absorbing Materials) to absorb part of the incident radiation radar. The combined

tion that makes the detection and thus halt the missile very difficult, especially at night, when it planned to execute these missions.

The missile can be launched from medium or low altitude. After the launch and during the combustion promoter (booster), a downward path, taking the prescribed altitude.

When she is at this level, it moves more inertial (Inertial) to the target speed flight 0.8mach based on the data received from the aircraft.

In this phase of flight, the direction of the bullet is aided by the GPS satellites and the Galileo system for monitoring soil TERPROM (TERainPROfile Matching). To TERPROM is a navigation system that uses stored digital data Heights land

combined with imports of other navigation systems and radar ypsometriton to calculate the position of the projectile above the earth's surface.
In the final phase of flight, the missile climbs to an average height to improve the visual field. Its purpose is to be able to identify positively the target and identify consent krimena points that should be hit. The terminal towards the goal requires a process of detection - the identification and acquisition. This is achieved through a passive infrared imaging sensor (passive Imaging Infra-Redseeker - IIR seeker) in conjunction with the robot target identification (Autonomous Target Recognition - ATR).

The passive infrared sensor to investigate visual field and compares his contacts with the information that is past the memory of an autonomous target identification system.

Here's the process of identifying and acquiring the target (target identification and acquisition process).

During this process, and while the missile approaches the target, the comparison between Contact IIR sensor and ATR system is repeated continuously to improve the detection and identification of the exact position of the target and the point of impact (Circular error probability 1m). When it reached the missile receives the proper descent path to hit the target.

It is obvious that to be successful a shot SCALP EG missile to be preceded by an excellent preparation in advance from the ground. This is because both the choice of target, and planning the flight path of the bullet, take place before taking off from the existing and the latest information.

More about what happened to the mission, the targeting process, targets, and how he lives and breathes the 331M to 114 AM on June 15 in the strategy. For now settle for some photos of the mission and life on 114 AM

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