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26 Mayıs 2010 Çarşamba

Pentagon Releases Naval Operations Concept 2010

The basic premise of our newly published Maritime Strategy is that the United States is a force for good in the world—that while we are capable of launching a clenched fist when we must—offering the hand of friendship is also an essential and prominent tool in our kit. That premise flows from the belief that preventing wars means we don’t have to win wars.
General James T. Conway, USMC

We do more than just respond; we prevent. In our Maritime Strategy we state that we believe that it is just as important to prevent wars as it is to win wars. That is done through our worldwide presence, our well-trained Sailors, and our very capable ships, airplanes, and submarines.
Admiral Gary Roughead, USN

The Coast Guard completely subscribes to this strategy. It reinforces the Coast Guard Strategy for Safety, Security, and Stewardship and it reflects not only the global reach of our maritime services, but the need to integrate, synchronize and act with coalition and international partners to not only win wars—but to prevent wars.
Admiral Thad W. Allen, USCG

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