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24 Mayıs 2010 Pazartesi

RAF Air Power Official Conference 2010

Date : 17 Jun 2010 - 18 Jun 2010

Location : London, United Kingdom
Venue : Victoria Park Plaza
Organisation : Shephard Group
Type event : Conference
Category : Defence / Security
Tags : Military Aircraft

Optimising the Air and Space Contribution to National Security

The United Kingdom’s fighting services are approaching a strategic crossroads. The publication of a defence Green Paper early in 2010 and the likelihood of a Defence and Security Review following the general election will have significant implications for the size, shape and structure of the UK’s armed forces. 'Meeting the Challenge' - the Royal Air Force Air Power Conference 2010 - aims to take stock of these developments and explore how air and space power can make a relevant contribution in responding to the strategic choices posed in the Green Paper, in a context constrained by fiscal stringency and where ongoing operations in support of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan remain the main effort for defence.

Conference Programme

The conference will build on the success of RAF APC09 by engaging the widest possible audience to explore and debate how the delivery of air and space power can be optimised to maximise its value in support of the national interest. Delegates will be encouraged to think about how air and space power can be used to create influence and provide ‘smart power’ in conjunction with other government departments, contributing to the provision of security in the round. The international dimension will be important, and perspectives will be sought and exchanged with allies and partners. Inevitably, optimising the air and space contribution demands a balanced air force structure, but one where the focus is on capabilities, rather than platforms. Areas ripe for debate will include the balance between manned and unmanned elements, between capability and mass, and between high (and emerging) technology and lower technology capabilities. Similarly, the space and cyberspace domains are growing in importance - both for defence and in underpinning critical elements of the national infrastructure – and will demand serious consideration.

Undoubtedly, RAF APC10 will expose the extent of the challenges involved in optimising air and space power’s contribution to national security in the current strategic environment; but ‘Meeting the Challenge’ will also highlight those areas where air power offers a clear, comparative advantage over other levers of national power.

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