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5 Ağustos 2010 Perşembe

Bulgaria Wants To Cancel Orders For Helos, C-27s

Bulgaria plans to cancel orders for three military helicopters and two transport planes from France's Eurocopter and Italy's Alenia in a bid to reduce costs, the country's defense minister said Aug. 4.

"Very hard negotiations are ahead," Defense Minister Anyu Angelov told a press conference.

Talks with Eurocopter already were underway about dropping three Panther helicopters from a 358 million euro ($473 million) order for six of the Panther AS323s for its navy and 12 Cougar AS352 choppers for the air force.

"Our aim is to refuse the last three Panther helicopters [from Eurocopter]," he added.

Bulgaria will push for the bank guarantee for the three cancelled helicopters to be used as payment for three Panthers that have already been delivered, he said.

Eleven Cougars and three Panthers have already been delivered.

Bulgaria will also seek to cut back its 91 million euro order for five C-27J Spartan transport aircraft from Italy's Alenia Aeronautica, Angelov said.

"With Alenia Aeronautica, we want to refuse the fourth and fifth aircraft on the contract and pay only for the third Spartan plane," the minister said.

He did not specify however how much money Bulgaria would be able to save by renegotiating the two deals.

"I cannot say if our proposals will be accepted," Angelov said.

Severely pinched by the economic crisis, Bulgaria's right-wing government has been seeking ways to cut spending and boost revenues in order to narrow its widening budget gap.

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