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17 Ağustos 2010 Salı

New force structure for Hellenic Navy

In early September is expected to disclose full details of the new force structure of the 2011-2025 LFS, however, a separate interest are the suggestions regarding the Navy known as Turkey seeks to maximize the naval power and overturn the balance of power in Aegean.

According to reports, the Naval Supreme Council (TDC) agreed at its meeting the following ceilings:


The number of major fleet units cut from 14 to 12. Today the Navy has four MEKO frigates type 200IN class IDRA 10 and S-type frigate Elli class, six of which have undergone modernization Middle Life (MLU). Funding similar modernization program for the 4 MEKO frigates type 200IN expected to increase in 2011-2015 but updated Emba the construction of new frigates being the top priority for the Navy would not be feasible.


The proposed force structure provides eight submarines from 10 current and 12 had adopted two years ago the Council of Defense (SAM), in anticipation of delivery of four new submarines Type 214/1800 class PAPANIKOLIS 2015. Today the Navy has four submarines modernized 209/1100 GLAFCOS class and four Type 209/1200 class Poseidon. The composition of the future submarine fleet will depend on the sale or not the original submarine PAPANIKOLIS and outcome of the agreement for the sale of HSY. However, according to reports, the next period is expected to sign a contract to acquire two new submarines 214/1800.

Corvettes and fast patrol boats

TDC recommends first obtaining 6 (5 sources appro) Corvette and cut the number of fast patrol boats (CSF) from 14 to 12. The Corvettes could impart specific capabilities in coastal operations only if RL is a mature technology and have characteristics of stealth, high speed and high-powered fire. It is worth mentioning that last December was the presentation of the Navy corvettes ALS Class 100 by John Tsagarakis, shipbuilder, a former employee in HSY. The proposed Corvette design based on the German C-130 ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. Currently the Navy has five (two in delivery) naval ships ROUSSEN Super Vita Class 4 eksnchronismena type Combattante III, 5 type Combattante IIIB and 6 type S-148.

AFNS and submarine helicopters

Emergency is acquiring the aircraft for five (AFNS), and the decommissioning of 6 P-3B Orion the Navy lost their capability to conduct surveillance and anti-submarine warfare. In submarine helicopters roof slashed from 16 to 12, apparently as many frigates. The Navy Helicopter Command (NOT) currently has 11 helicopters, S-70B Aegean Hawk and 10 AB-212ASW/EW.

The ceilings in the other categories of vessels (apobates, narkopolemou, back) remains unchanged. Upon closing of the above numbers, that when adopted the proposed force structure from KYSEA will be compared with the Turkish Navy and draw conclusions about the future balance of naval power.

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