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31 Ağustos 2010 Salı

Sonar Systems for 2010

Turkey names "acoustic centre of excellence"

Defence contractor Meteksan Savunma was named Turkey's "acoustics centre of excellence" in late 2009. Meteksan, based in the Turkish capital of Ankara, will support the Turkish Navy's ongoing national corvette programme and develop additional projects for domestic use and international sales.

In a contract worth more than $40m, Meteksan will build and install the "wet ends" of sonar units for the navy's Milgem corvettes, the first of which, TCG Heybeliada, is undergoing sea trials now and is expected to formally enter service with the fleet in early 2011. Meteksan will also be doing sonar development and production work for four non-nuclear submarines that the Turkish Navy is purchasing from German shipbuilder Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG, in a deal that was announced in 2009.

Naming Meteksan Savunma as a centre of excellence is part of an ongoing effort by the Turkish undersecretariat for defence industries to increase domestic defence industrial output. To support its acoustics work, Meteksan announced new partnerships with two of the largest universities in Turkey in 2009 to support R&D efforts.

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