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25 Ağustos 2010 Çarşamba

TAI may upgrade helicopters for Azerbaijani Armed Forces

The first test flights of T129 attack helicopters produced within the framework of the Turkish ATAK program will begin in spring of 2011, according to Emre Yazichi, executive vice-president of TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) Inc., United Helicopters Systems, as quoted by APA.

Yazichi said plans are to give the first T129 helicopter to the Armed Forces in July 2013: “Currently, we are engaged in discussions, which began in May 2012, to hand over 9 helicopters for use in internal security operations and for the emergency needs of land forces, are just about to end.”

Elaborating about the features of the T129, Yazichi said the helicopter was produced by TAI according to NATO standards. He further said its weapons and avionics systems exceed the “Apache” and “Tiger” helicopters. Generally, the T129 is superior to similar helicopters used by NATO armies in its implementation of tasks. At the same time, the helicopter may be operated by fewer personnel.

Yazichi said that such improvements might be realized in all helicopters deployed by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces: “TAI has improved the civil and military aircraft, as well as helicopters. We think that Azerbaijan might be successful in the joint projects in several spheres in working together with Turkey.” (APA/Rashad Suleymanov)

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