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17 Ağustos 2010 Salı

Visit Mr Netanyahu: "sealing" the joint exercises aeroporkes - Israeli Supply Systems

Defence relations between Greece and Israel were at the heart of synomiion Papandreou Netanyahu in the first result the decision to conduct the joint air exercise has long been mooted for next October, which will be somewhat below the exercise MINOAS 2010 which was suspended last May due to the interception of convoys of Islamists in Gaza.

Also agreed to strengthen the industrial, defense cooperation. Please note that pending the procurement of bomb collections air-SPICE 1000 and SPCE 2000 (related article on strategy circulated) a commission which is typically put out to tender, but it is estimated that within epomneo semester will be completed. H supply system is located high in the Emba 2011-2015, as revealed in

Another point which is very important for cooperation between the two sides is the cooperation of intelligence agencies of both countries, which agreed an initial framework for cooperation.

Certainly, the approach ellinoisrailini delayed several years in the name amfivolonsymmachion with Arab regimes are anything but distinguished by the democratic ...

The talks between the two sides were in homicide cases

Mr. Papandreou expressed his satisfaction with the visit of Mr. Netanyahu, stating that it is the first visit by Israeli Prime Minister to Greece and indicative, he said, the friendly relations between the two countries.

As noted by the Prime Minister's visit will help Mr. Netanyahu in the development of bilateral cooperation, especially in investment, tourism and energy. Announced in this direction, the organization of mutual visits, focusing primarily on investment initiatives in areas of innovation.

He also agreed that such meetings be held responsible for tourism officials, and the Ministers of Economy in order to organize mutual visits of business and announced a joint committee to further promote economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Prime Minister referred to the immediate release of the Greek ships in the flotilla involved with humanitarian aid to Gaza, speaking about positive development.

As regards the Middle East, stated that Greece is closely monitoring developments in the peace process, stressing that it is necessary to immediately start direct negotiations. Also stressed that our country is ready and willing to contribute to this end.

"We are in the same neighborhood as a member of this neighborhood want to contribute to the efforts made, both for security and for the region's economy. We have friendly and traditional relations with the Palestinian people, but where there is room for cooperation with the Israeli people, "he said, describing the official contacts important productive step forward in relations between the two countries.

Asked whether ellinoisrailines contacts can affect the two countries' relations with Ankara, Papandreou made clear that relations between Greece and Turkey is not competitive to those developed in Israel.

On his part, Mr. Netanyahu said: "very happy" located in Athens, noting that this is the first visit by Israeli Prime Minister in our country.

He added that this meeting will bring the two countries even closer in terms of technology, renewable energy, water resources, investment issues, and noted that with Mr. Papandreou spoke of and cooperation in defense, security and tourism.

"Today's visit to promote relations between the two countries and is the first of many others, to strengthen cooperation between two ancient peoples, who have great future ahead of them", said the Israeli prime minister.

Referring to the situation of the Greek economy, Mr. Netanyahu stressed that economic cooperation is for our good and the two countries and called "very difficult" and "very courageous" decisions taken by the Greek government.

Even promised to help it can to the economic development of Greece, noting that together with Mr. Papandreou can as leaders to "give the kick-off to move forward the economic cooperation" between the two countries.

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