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17 Eylül 2010 Cuma

2018 Chinese aircraft carrier and new Destroyer battles group imagine figures Ⅰ

Electromagnetic guns in front and behind of 180 guided missile destroyer, and two anti-submarine underwater robots.The apron can open, which has a lift catapult that can catapult UAV, when task is completed, UAV lands on the sea, taken back by helicopter.Vertical silo in the middle of 108 launchs anti-ship missiles and cruise missiles.

The three destroyers each have a phased-array radar, so the software used is the same, in order to facilitate the exchange of information and weapons systems are also standard equipment, this software system is called China Aegis, and information sharing is a major feature of the three warships, but the main thing is Remote Assistance of the three warships, that is, one of them also can controls the other’s weapons systems.

The early warning aircraft of them is called Maritime Police 2000.

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