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12 Nisan 2011 Salı

Abrams, M113A2, M901A2 free from the U.S., expected answers and Bradley AAV7A1

March 2, 2011

Official Letter Request (Letter of Request: LoR) for no charge at 400 tanks M1A1 Abrams, 225 M113A2 armored personnel carriers and 106 Enhanced Vehicle anti-tank missile TOW (ITV) M901A2 submitted days before the Army General Staff in the departments of the Ministry of Defence after correspondence investigating the availability of material.

The mission was informed LoR ten days before the "RDT" the condition of confidentiality. Since September 2010 the General Staff asked for information availability fighting vehicles in a fully functional state, for no charge as Defense Surplus (Excess Defense Articles: EDA) by the U.S.. The response was positive for large numbers of M1A1, M113A2 and M901A2 while under investigation by U.S. agencies still at the request of the General Staff for armored infantry fighting vehicles and M2A2 Bradley vehicles amphibious assault AAV7A1. These two types used extensively by the Army and U.S. Marine Corps, leaving the declaration of operational vehicles as EDA is difficult. In an earlier phase of the contact offered by the U.S. Bradley vehicle in inoperable condition, so the costs for rehabilitation and upgrading the level M2A2 ODS will be borne by the Greek side. Given the fiscal situation, the General Staff is interested in fully functional Bradley albeit in limited numbers at first, considering the granting of certain additives in the future to meet the requirements are extensive. The GES also expressed interest for 57 M548 tracked cargo and 80 Fire Support Team Vehicle (FIST-V) M981 for an advanced artillery observers.

As for Abrams, General Staff's intention is to standardize the armored units of the mainland in the caliber of gun 120mm, while shipment of Leopard 1A5 in the islands to replace the M48A5 MOLF, which approaches the limits of official lives. In conjunction with the 170 Leopard 2HEL and the Leopard 2A4, the 400 M1A1 Abrams will produce the formation of an impermeable shield with about 750 modern tanks in mainland Greece, towards the development of the potential threat. Leopard 2A4 The acquisition would be preferable in terms of standardization of training and logistics support, but the guy is no longer available in the required numbers, nor to no charge. Unlike the single charge of material LoR is expected to be the cost of transport in Greece.

Apart from the financial and operational aspects of the case, placing a positive U.S. response to the requests of the General Staff is that it reflects the perception of Washington for the upgradeable position and stabilizing influence in Greece in the fluid geopolitical landscape of the eastern Mediterranean, depending both on the approach Ankara-Tehran and confrontational tendency of Turkey against Israel and threatened to destabilize the region because of the domino collapse of authoritarian regimes in Arab countries.

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