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22 Nisan 2011 Cuma

Carl Zeiss Optronics signs agreement for periscopes with Turkey

15:09 GMT, April 21, 2011

Carl Zeiss Optronics signed an agreement on 30 March with Turkish company STM for the modernization of two submarines of the 209 Class. The refurbishment covers the installation of a state-of-the-art ESM system (electronic system management), a new INS system (inertial navigation system) and the delivery of two SERO 250-A attack periscopes and two SERO 250-S search periscopes. The order is a sub-order from the Turkish procurement authority SSM and the navy.

The attack periscope features an eyesafe laser rangefinder, an image intensifier and a TV camera for navigation and targeting. The search periscope is equipped with an IR camera for night sight capability, a TV camera and an ESM-EW/GPS antenna for observation and reconnaissance.

As a cost-optimized solution, the SERO 250 features the latest sensors and meets current customer requirements. “With the 250 periscope, Carl Zeiss is offering a product that fully meets the wishes of the navy regarding a reduced budget and performance. With this agreement, we have put ourselves in a good position for additional upgrade programs,” says Klaus Rettenmaier who is in charge of sea-based reconnaissance at Carl Zeiss Optronics.
Sero 250 Periscope System$File/Sero250.pdf

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