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12 Nisan 2011 Salı

"RDT" April: 400 M1A1 Abrams-and not only for the HS waiting for Bradley, AAV7, Blackhawk

April 5, 2011

In the April issue of the magazine "Greek Defense & Technology 'released Thursday, the 7th of the month, we present the design of the Army General Staff in connection with the recent dispatch of Letter of Request (LoR) in the departments of the Ministry of Defence, in charge at

400 tanks M1A1 Abrams,
224 M113A2 Armoured Personnel Carriers,
110 Enhanced Vehicle anti-tank missile TOW (ITV) M901A2,
80 Bonfire Support Team Vehicle (FIST-V) M981 for an advanced artillery observers,
57 M548A1 tracked cargo,
M106A2 self-propelled mortar of 4 , 2in (107mm) and
3,000 120mm tank ammunition type M830 HEAT.

This development, if they prove successful, is expected to make big bang in the SCE, which is desperately short of money looking for ways to enhance and upgrade the capabilities of the equipment used, where available in large numbers. An example of the recent release of the German self-propelled gun used M109A3GEA2 and speedy recovery, the GES project that seeks to reopen, this time exploiting the vast reservoir of American stocks. It is obvious that the current economic climate any planning commission new weapons systems no serious short-odds implementation, and therefore the solution of the acquisition of material handy to cover gaps, but also to replace old equipment that has been discredited technology, it seems the only way . It should be noted that the first contacts closer to the U.S. side began about a year ago and the first exploratory letter was sent here through the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) in May 2010. In September, requesting information on availability of material in full working order, free concession as Defense Surplus (Excess Defense Articles: EDA). The letter was received in February 2011 and was positive for these numbers, 224 M113A2, M901A2 110 ITV, 57 and 80 M548A1 M981 FIST-V as well as ammunition and 3,000 120mm tank type M830 HEAT. For M1A1 proposed choice than 1,000 available and they were allocated as Free Help (Grand Aid) because of the greater value they represent, but also the specific approval procedures by Congress.

The next scheduled departure time in the U.S. Committees of the General Staff will inspect the material, while under investigation by U.S. agencies still relevant request for helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk, Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle M2A2 Bradley, armored amphibious vehicles Induction AAV7A1 , Armoured Command Vehicles M577, simulators, helicopters AH-64 Apache and drill tank ammunition.

The details of the design use of these materials at specific points of S, described in the April issue of "RDT" circulating Thursday, the 7th of the month.

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