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6 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

RI - Turkish Defense Industry Cooperation Agree

06 April 2011 Jakarta, DMC -

Government of Indonesia and the Government of Turkey states agreed to cooperate in the defense, especially in the field of defense industry between the two countries. The deal was marked by the signing of the Draft Protocol to the Defense Industry Corporation Between Indonesia and Turkey, Tuesday (5 / 4) in the Office of the Ministry of Defence.

The signing of the draft was done by each of Defence Ministry representatives, who on that occasion by the Deputy Minister of Defence, Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin and Deputy Defence Minister of Turkey, Murad Pay. Also signing was witnessed by officials in the Ministry of Defence of both countries.

As for some of the Defence Industry cooperation is agreed upon, including the development and joint production of weapons such as equipment, Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) which is equipped with two domes and weaponry Canon 90 mm and / or 105 mm.

Other ordnance equipment agreed to be developed and produced with the rocket program production and development of Indonesia, propellant production, and production of Software Defined Radio (SDR).

Another defense industry cooperation from both countries also include strengthening the exchange of information and the company encourages both parties to discuss and meet the cooperation in other fields, based on equality and mutual benefit.

On that occasion Wamnehan RI hopes for future cooperation opportunities with the development and production not only in the field of defense equipment alone, but joint production of Non Alutsista like uniform field.

Besides, with the signing of the defense industry cooperation, the Government of Indonesia and Turkey to improve diplomatic relations and expand cooperation in other fields.

Regarding the cooperation opportunities in other programs will be discussed further and can be realized while referring to the principle of direct cooperation G to G (Government to Government). Besides, it also prioritizes cooperation forged on the basis of mutual understanding from both sides. (Maw / SR)

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