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12 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Crews deck aviation aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" training flights performed

December 30, 2011

On board the carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", whose crew encounters a new year in the Mediterranean Sea, the exercises in full swing. Su-33 work out takeoff and landing, and in spite of the tremendous congestion, pilots demonstrate the accuracy of the jewelry.

Immediately after take-off fighters go to the so-called round - cruising around an aircraft carrier in a certain pattern. The main objective of the first in this campaign full flight change was to develop land on the deck of "Admiral Kuznetsov". Each pilot has several required elements for your shift. First, he conducts aircraft at very low altitude over the cruiser, then at the next round with a touch of sunset makes the chassis deck, and, finally, produces the very fit. This is the most difficult element in carrier-based aircraft flying, that's why pilots find their flights over the sea are not on the ups, namely plantations. If the first call on the deck was bad, fighter gone to the next round - this is the normal training process.

At each landing a pilot carrier-based aircraft have only 4 chance of a successful landing, and the chances of these cables called arrestor. Aircraft with a hook - a special beam with a hook at the rear of the fuselage - it clings to the rope, and for a few moments the speed of a fighter falls to 250 kilometers per hour and up to scratch. Moreover, pilot skill is evaluated including those for which one arrester system occurred toe landing. The most secure, high quality and therefore, the landing is at the toe averages - the 2nd or 3rd wire.

Overload experienced by the pilot carrier-based aircraft with such a sudden stop, even higher than what the astronauts feel at the start of the rocket. Strong steel cable arresting gear at this point looks like a thin rubber band - as a powerful force for braking is 30-tonne destroyer.

Flight shift ended a few hours later, the aircraft landed and in turn took their places on deck before the next flight shift.

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