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17 Ocak 2012 Salı

Defense Ministry clarifies reports about purchase of F-16 aircrafts by Azerbaijan

16 Jan 2012 Baku - APA.

“Possessing modern arms for strengthening the army is the priority for Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry.

This is more important, as we are at war. Therefore, the ministry is constantly making searches, determining reliable sources and trying to get the necessary weapons and equipment,” spokesman for the Defense Ministry, Colonel Eldar Sabiroglu said while answering APA’s questionnaire.
Sabiroglu underlined that this process will be more intensive in future.

“We have achieved successful results in this field and this has given an impetus to the strengthening of our Armed Forces. Answering your questionnaire about the purchase of F-16 aircrafts by Azerbaijan, I want to say that media reports have been recently spread about it and even the information agencies of some neighboring states appeal to our press service. They are trying to clarify the issue. We are obliged to reiterate that it is not true, though we would like our army to have such a fighter jet. But I reiterate that the reports about F-16 are not true. Some interested forces need not worry,” he said.

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