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9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Libya Asks Turkish Navy's Cooperation After Months Of Civil War

06 January 2012 AA

Libyan Naval Forces Command has asked Turkey's cooperation in reconstruction of its armada, training of mariners and in military issues.

Bases in Tripoli, Homs, Misurata, Sirte and Benghazi cities have been damaged during NATO's operations in May following the the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi's 42-year rule.

Libyan officials recalled that several Turkish companies had constructed the ports in Tripoli and Homs 20 years ago, noting that some Libyan officers had been trained in Turkey too.

Commander Mustafa Joha in Tripoli base told AA that Turkey had an advanced fleet force, adding that they wanted to make cooperation with Turkey.

Noting that warships, arsenals and ports had been severely damaged during NATO operation, Joha said that it would take a few years to reconstruct the armada.

Joha said that Libya and Turkey were two Muslim countries, adding that Turkey extended great support to Libya during the civil war.

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