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10 Ocak 2012 Salı

Lockheed Martin Hints at the Sixth-Generation Stealth Aircraft

Arie Egozi   5/1/2012

The company unveiled a sketch of the new sixth-generation advanced fighter jet in development.

Until now, it was believed that the IAF’s stealth fighter F-35 model would be the last manned fighter plane. Surprisingly, Lockheed Martin, the developer of the F-35, announced its plans for an even more advanced model.
A drawing of the plane appeared in the company's 2012 calendar. The plane will be in development for at least fifteen years, coming out in 2030 at the earliest.
The drawing shows a plane with a nose similar to that of the discontinued F-22. The sketch also shows a plane with a special wing and tail that is nearly flat.
The new model will be extremely fast, which will require the most modern of engines. It will also have enhanced stealth features and the most advanced maneuvering capabilities.
Lockheed Martin said the plane is a huge and long development process. It seems that it is also a large investment for the company.
Usually, an aircraft manufacturer such as Lockheed Martin or Boeing would begin a project like this only if the US Air Force already expressed interest in a sixth-generation aircraft.
The sketch is a general one without details meant to stimulate curiosity in the new model. What is clear is that the special projects division of Lockheed Martin, SKUNK WORKS, has been working on the design of the most advanced fighter aircraft.

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