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9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

U.S. media said Pakistan Xiaolong fighter Ukraine will develop new engines


United States, "Defense News" magazine Web site reported Nov. 28] Title: Ukraine will be JF-17 development of the engine, the engine will be put into use China

Yves Ukrainian Shevchenko engine manufacturer intends to develop a progressive company for China and Pakistan jointly developed JF-17 “Lightning” fighter (Chinese FC-1, said “Fierce Dragon”) powered by jet engines.
the company’s chief designer Igor Kravchenko, the United States earlier this month, “Aviation International News” magazine, said he hopes the combination of AI-222-25F engine design experience, design a new engine series. Among them, the most powerful can produce 44,000 pounds of thrust; can produce 22,000 pounds of thrust the engine power is weak, then suitable for use on the JF-17.
Shevchenko progress Yves head of the company declined to give details.
According to current plans, JF-17 will use the Russian Klimov RD-93 engines, but for the reliability of their mechanical properties there has been questioned. Another question is whether India will persuade Russia to stop supplying the engine.
former Pakistan Air Force pilot and analysts 凯泽图费勒 said base engine RD-3 3 (RD-93 is its modification) “is well-known, often due to manufacturing process results in zero component failure, “frequent failure, frequent repair, and fuel consumption is very high.
Klimov engine company officials declined to comment.
Tufail said that initially selected RD-93, because “to pick a type of engine than in the West with cheap engine, and thus less constrained by Western forces, although in the RD-93 Some aspects meet our requirements, but has not been maintenance problems (can not) solve. ”
However, by the Ukrainian-made engine performance is unknown.
China since 2000 has been developed as an alternative to a turbofan -13 (W S-13) engine.
International Assessment and Strategy Center, said Richard Fisher, a senior researcher at the Chinese turbofan engine developed local history can be traced to the mid-1980s, Shenyang, “Taihang engine program,” The engine for the Chinese version of the “Flanker” fighter jets provided the impetus.
news that, JF-17 made last year have begun to use the engine test, the outside world that it is turbofan -13.
Fisher said, Chinese officials did not confirm the news, but associated with the JF-17 program, an official at the Dubai air show recently hinted that this will change in 2012.
Tufail have made a cautious stance. He said: “I think Ukraine -13 turbofan engine and the engine of China R & D and operational performance, it must go through many years of careful observation. My point is, there is no need to rush to purchase an untested engine. Modern engine to In the extreme pressure and temperature conditions, we must completely determine the error will not be out a little bit. “
Tufail said, the Air Force faces is” RD-93 maintenance facilities in Pakistan to invest more money dilemma, “he thought might be a better approach is to determine the final fate of RD-93 before, to postpone the construction of maintenance works.

Ivchenko Progress
The AI-222 turbofan family for powering trainers and light combat aircraft

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