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10 Şubat 2012 Cuma

Azerbaijan to purchase 32 military and transportation helicopters from Russia this year

10 Feb 2012

Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA.

Russia increased its warplane and helicopter export by 50% in 2011, APA reports.

The Centre for Strategic and Technological Analysis said that the value of military aviation exported by Russia in 2011 was USD 4.82 bln (USD 3.1 bln in 2010)

Russia sold
12 “Mi-17V-5” helicopters to India,
9 “Mi-17V5” helicopters to Afghanistan.

Besides, Russia sold at least
15 “Mi-8” and “Mi-17” helicopters,
4 “Mi-35” military helicopters to Azerbaijan.

Last year Russia handed over 6 “Mi-35M” helicopters to Brazil, 2 “Mi-35P” to Peru, and 4 repaired “Mi-35P” helicopters to Myanmar.

According to the center’s prognosis, the Russia’s arms sale will be USD 14 bln. Russia will export the helicopters most of all to India, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan. Thus, 20 “Mi-17-V5” helicopters will be sold to India, 20 “Mi-17” and at least 12 “Mi-35M” helicopters to Azerbaijan and 12 “Mi-17-V5” helicopters to Afghanistan.

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