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16 Mart 2012 Cuma

Black Sea Fleet to Participate in Three Joint Exercises in 2012

Text: Southern Military District Press Service

In 2012, crews of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) ships will take part in a number of joint naval exercises and diplomatic activities at seaports of Mediterranean countries.

In April and August, BSF will attend activations of BLACKSEAFOR joint task force which is presently headed by Russian Navy's representative. In May 2012, the fleet's assets will participate in bilateral Russian-Ukrainian peacekeeping exercise Fairway of Peace in Sevastopol. In Oct-Nov, BSF ships will take part in the IONIEX Russian-Italian exercise.

In addition, BSF hydrographic survey ship Donuzlav will attend hydrography conference in Monaco early April; one of the fleet's warships will participate in international naval festival to be held in Brest, France early August.

Along with the international naval cooperation activities, ships of Black Sea Fleet will carry out several scheduled cruises to the Mediterranean Sea.

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