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16 Mart 2012 Cuma

Caspian Flotilla Missilemen Adopt Newest Coast Defense System

Text: Southern Military District Press Service

Servicemen of Caspian Flotilla (CF) coast defense missile battalion began mastering of newest mobile coastal missile system Bal at the Adanak Range in Dagestan.

During a month-long field exercise, CF missilemen study tactics and technical maintenance, conduct firing and driving drills. High emphasis is placed on preparation for missile strikes after on-move deployment and rapid change of firing positions in mountains and forests, in adverse weather conditions, day and night.

It is also planned to hold anti-landing drills jointly with CF marine units and practice interception of opponent's amphibious forces on the way to the coast.

Current field exercise is one of stages in preparation for coming missile firings at mockup surface ships. During the drill, there will be contests amid specialists, crews, platoons, and batteries.

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