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6 Mart 2012 Salı

Decimated the F-16 Air Force Hellenic

March 2012 Written by / the deepred001
Fox2 Magazine

In progressive decimation rate moves for several years the fleet of existing fighter aircraft F-16 Air Force. Long delays in providing logistical support, as the ongoing economic crisis that prevents the release of funds necessary for critical parts, leading one after the other fighter to existing fixation.

According to information from the total 40 F-16 purchased under the Peace Xenia I, eight have been destroyed to date, eight more are unable to fly, but many others are able to fly with many restrictions. All other fighters from the other three programs (Peace Xenia II, III, IV), also suffers from the crisis. Additional eight aircraft in need of serious repair, and at least ten are in line waiting for parts that do not come because the money was not released. The Air Force can not expect today to more than 105 operational fighters F-16, 170 from the total purchased.Ελλάδα/4887-Αποδεκατίζονται-τα-F-16-της-Πολεμικής-Αεροπορίας.html

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