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26 Mart 2012 Pazartesi

JS body to back Navy upgrade

March 25, 2012   Shakhawat Liton

The parliamentary standing committee on defence ministry will extend all-out support to Bangladesh Navy for upgrading it into a three-dimensional force by introducing new frigates, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft and other equipment.

As part of the plan, chief of the parliamentary body, M Idris Ali, said the committee will hold discussion at its next meeting early April to review progress of implementation of the ten-year plan to strengthen the navy.

"Apart from the review, we will also discuss what should be done more in the wake of new situation and ask the government to take necessary steps to that effect," Idris, also a former defence secretary, told The Daily Star.

After Bangladesh won a landmark verdict on March 14 which established the country's rights over the Bay of Bengal, he said there is no alternative to enhancing capabilities of navy to protect the natural resources in the territorial water.

The navy in June 2009 informed the parliamentary body about its ambitious ten-year (2009-2019) plan to enhance its capabilities through completion of necessary purchase -- new frigates, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft and other equipment -- at an estimated cost of Tk 6,000 crore.

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