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1 Mart 2012 Perşembe

Korea Successfully Develops Active Protection System for K2 Tanks

Source: Ariang TV; posted Feb. 29, 2012

Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration has announced that it successfully developed Active Protection System, or APS, for K-2 tanks that automatically detects and shoots down incoming missile or rockets.

In the past, the system could only destroy other standing tanks or armed vehicles on the ground.

The APS consists of a three-dimensional detection and track radar, heat detection and track system, control computer, launching system and counter rocket.

The agency explained that it only takes three-tenths of a second for the new system to detect and track anti-tank missiles and rockets fired from enemies and fire its counter rockets to hit those missiles.

The new technology will be up for review by Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff before a decision is made on moving forward with production.

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