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15 Mart 2012 Perşembe

Libya to get Emirati Mirages

12-Mar-2012  Jane's Defence Weekly

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has agreed to transfer its fleet of Mirage 2000 multirole fighters to Libya, according to Arabic press reports citing ...

Britain re-Palace Gaddafi's son to Libya
At the field level, organized figures of civil society institutions Libyan, and the strong national and political parties in the Libyan capital Tripoli, in conjunction with the various cities and regions Libya in the east and west and south yesterday protest rallies to demand to reject the division of Libya and the Declaration of federalism by the territory of Cyrenaica Middle of the Libyan side, the detection and Libyan Foreign Minister Ben Ashour imagination revealed that Libya was able to reach an agreement with the State of the United Arab Emirates French approval to buy 68 aircraft from the French fighter Mirage 2000 type owned by the UAE Air Force.

And local sources told the lighthouse yesterday that the Libyan aircraft in use, and will return, the UAE bought 65 aircraft of the type of French Rafale, though the agreement between the UAE and France to buy the Rafale will be delivered between 2014 and .2015

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