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14 Mart 2012 Çarşamba

Ukrainian enterprises take interest in new combat vehicle production in Azerbaijan

13 Mar 2012 Baku. Rashad Suleymanov – APA.

The Ukrainian enterprises started to take an interest in the program on production of new combat vehicles in Azerbaijan on the basis of written-off tanks, heritage of the soviet army, defense sources told APA.

The sides had several meetings on this issue last year. The Ukrainian enterprises put forward several proposals to realize this project jointly with Azerbaijan. The proposals are about the projecting work, ordnance of combat vehicles and renewal of engines and transmissions. The Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan has several proposals on it and these issues are being concretized now.

The sides will discuss the details of the projects in the middle of 2012.

Ukraine realizes several projects on modernization of written-off soviet tanks. The production of T-64 “Bulat”, BMP-64 and BTR-4U combat vehicles are among them.

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