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2 Nisan 2012 Pazartesi

Turkey's missile test field ready in 4 months

SİNOP- Anatolia News Agency  March/30/2012

A missile test and trial field will be built in Turkey’s northern Black Sea province of Sinop. The field will be built in Sülükgölü, which the United States military used as a radar base until 1992.

The construction of the site will be finished in four months, on 104,000 square meters of land, and will be used by Turkish missile maker, Roketsan.

Field close to city

The mayor of Sinop, Baki Ergül, said citizens may be disturbed by the fact that the field was close to the city center, but that he respected the “decision of the state as a mayor.” Government officials told him there was nothing the community should be uncomfortable about, he added.

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