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28 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

Azerbaijan orders armored personnel carriers from Russia

25 May 2012  Moscow. Farid Akbarov – APA.

The security agencies of Azerbaijan ordered Russian-produced armored light airborne attack vehicle “Scorpion B” and unarmored personnel carriers “Scorpion”, Deputy General Director of Russia-based “Zashchita” Corporation CJSC Alexey Kagarlitsky told APA’s Moscow correspondent.

According to him, Azerbaijan’s security agencies and “Zashchita” Corporation CJSC hold negotiations on sales of above-mentioned vehicles and Azerbaijani side ordered several Scorpions.

Scorpion B has 8 crew members. It can be increased by customer’s request. It consumes 14-16 liters of diesel/100 km. It costs RUB 3.5 mln. Scorpion costs RUB 1.5 mln.

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