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15 Mayıs 2012 Salı

Macedonia and Bulgaria Continue Cooperation in Defence

May 11, 2012

The Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Bulgaria have excellent cooperation in defence, it was stated during yesterday’s meeting in Sofia of the Mnisters of Defence of both countries, Fatmir Besimi and Anjo Angelov.

In the framework of the visit of Bulgaria, the annual Cooperation Plan between both Ministries was signed. This, as Besimi noted, is one more sign of the excellent cooperation thus far between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

“On this meeting as well, as well as the other meetings thus far that I had with colleagues from NATO member states, they commend the reforms and express recognition of the contribution of the Republic of Macedonia in the international peace missions and support for NATO membership. Of course, in the framework of NATO principles, with the harmonization and settling of open issues that are still in the political plan. The Republic of Macedonia, “de facto” with its contribution, shows that it is a credible partner for NATO”, stressed Minister Besimi after the meeting.

During the meeting, Minister Besimi stressed of the meaning of the membership of Macedonia in NATO, not just for the country, but for the whole region. According to him, the membership of the countries from the region in NATO is significantly important for the peace, stability and prosperity of the region.

“The Republic of Macedonia remains on the commitment for NATO membership and has the support of the citizens in this process. In the Summit in Chicago and after it, we do not see membership in NATO as a goal by itself, but this is part of one longer process that we are running in continuity in the framework of the Euro-Atlantic integrations”, concluded Besimi.

During the meeting they also spoke about several significant regional projects within the SEDM Initiative, as well as projects related with the “smart defence” concept” and regional projects and initiatives that are part of the Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia and other countries.

Also, during the meeting it was discussed about donations and education of officers from both countries and for similar opportunities, such as the exercises of cadets in the summer camp in Krivolak and other exercises that our country may enable.

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