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17 Haziran 2012 Pazar

Armed with the ability to view graphics kfx expected

15 06 2012

Google Translate:
The finished article is published in the KFX models. Consulted you for detailed information nimkkeseo 5thsun place is the result. Thank you. The figure below operational and tactical weapons, not seeing the highest possible ... All armed and equipped like that does not mean that mission.

Sassy by internal armed F-35 when compared to the volume, not less. CWB or banmaeip, EWP is eojeongjjeong halsuitneun If you have the flexibility to operate the gas volume that is filled with fuel when I saw maybe think there might be advantages. KFX look at other models in its class compared to the volume of the gas already keonpomeoltaengkeu (CFT) seems to wear a formidable space.

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