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22 Haziran 2012 Cuma

Dutch MoD Seeks Opportunities to Sell Surplus Equipment - Romania Interested in F-16s

June 22, 2012

Romania is interested in buying 15 surplus F-16’s from the Dutch Air Force. A number of other countries have also shown interest in Dutch military vehicles and ordnance.

On Thursday, the Dutch Ministry of Defence confirmed reports that it is looking to sell equipment in order to raise funds. It is not clear how much money the Netherlands will be able to raise with the sale of the fighter jets.

The defence ministry must shave a billion euros from its budget. The ministry is also in preliminary discussions with an undisclosed number of potential buyers, including Chile, which are interested in eight Cougar helicopters.

Yesterday, parliament discussed the potential sale of 80 Leopard tanks to Indonesia. The ministries of defence and foreign affairs are in favour of the sale but a majority in parliament is against the transaction. The tanks would be sold for 200 million euros. (Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

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