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17 Haziran 2012 Pazar

KFX public sees as a model comparing two gas ssayijeu 2

09 06 2012

Google Translate:
What are you an owl? Might expect in the KFX kodeuneimman heart to pray for success in 'Owl' (Eagle Owl) that I've named. Natural Monument No. 324 KFX arc image and in many ways, I think that went well, i think.

In preparing this information ssayijeu fighter based on a comparison to stall the engine nozzles? Was aware that there are. And ... China and Russia in front of the radome to the antenna length by including sensors. Zoom while the graphics have also produce a huge error. J-20, especially ...

KFX C200 specification phase than the F-35A ssayijeu small but ... In terms of engine nozzle length is rather more long.

The KFX C100 wing angle of the image is the same as the F-35A ... Fin is the same angle as the F-22. You did not attach an image, but the KFX C200 and delta wing canard of the angle of the J-20 looks like.


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