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24 Ağustos 2012 Cuma

Black Sea Fleet Completes Confidence-2012 Demonstration Exercise

23.08.2012  Southern Military District Press Service

Active phase of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) exercise Confidence-2012 has finished near Novorossiysk. The activity was attended by 7 warships and auxiliary vessels, a naval helicopter, and over 300 men. The sea phase was directed by Capt 1 Rank Sergei Pinchuk, Novorossiysk Naval Base Commander.

Crews of participating ships with support of search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-27PS practiced searching, interception, and detention of a vessel with "terrorists" on board.

Corvette Kasimov, seagoing minesweeper Vice Admiral Zaharyin and hydrographic ship GS-402 were involved in that episode. According to the exercise scenario, the latter ship was captured by terrorists trying to cross the Russian state border. Anti-terror team polished their professional skills as well.

Afterwards, the ships started rescue operation, rendered assistance to a ship "damaged" by terrorists' fire, and evacuated sufferers. To accomplish those tasks, BSF command used search-and-rescue helicopter and rescue paraborne team which found sufferers on the ship and evacuated them by a special lift-and-carry device.

Representatives of Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish, and Ukrainian navies observed actions of the Russian mariners from a communication boat. They arrived in Novorossiysk with crews of BLACKSEAFOR joint task group.

According to the exercise director Capt 1 Rank Sergei Pinchuk, being the annual exam for naval servicemen, the exercise makes possible to practice such most critical issues of combat training as counter-terror actions at sea. To accomplish objectives, not only ships were involved but coastal units, naval aircraft, local authorities, port services, and other security agencies as well.

Novorossiysk Naval Base Commander described actions of his subordinates as decisive and effective. Today participating assets returned to basing sites, and tomorrow foreign guests from Black Sea navies will familiarize with BSF naval base infrastructure.

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