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8 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi

On the "Armata" put twin-gun

07.09.2012 Известия.ru (

Екатерина Нуриахметова (EKATERINA NURIAHMETOVA)


Artillery unit "Coalition-SV" develop for the latest platform Tank

Artillery "Coalition-SV" put on the tank platform "Armata", which is now forming the "Uralvagonzavod". As told to "Izvestia", the representative CRI "Petrel", developed by the "coalition" for the Defense Ministry, the complex is designed as a plug-in module that is integrated into the platform tracked through a uniform interface. If necessary, such a module can be put on the wheel platform.

- Total for the "Coalition" is considered about 10 different platforms, including several wheel. The final selection will be done after the Defense Ministry official tests, but the module "Coalition-SV", which we are currently developing will be virtually universal - explained "Izvestia".

He noted that the unification will not be complete and the land version of the module "Coalition-SV" will differ from the sea in the first place means charging guns. In addition, the representative of the "Puffin" stressed that as a platform for self-propelled artillery system (ACS), you can leave and T-90.

- The new tank chassis has a high level reservation. Such a reservation for artillery, beating several dozen kilometers, redundant. Therefore put on the ACS "Armata" makes sense only for the purpose of unification, - said the representative of the plant.

At the same time, a tank expert, chief editor of the trade magazine "Arsenal Fatherland" Victor Murakhovsky said in an interview with "News" that the gun mount "Coalition-SV" fit under the chassis of the tank "Armata" is much better than for the T-90 chassis.

- "Armata" - it's still a new generation of technology and on the engine, and transmission, and chassis, that is all that is to be used for the "Coalition". The "Almaty was" chassis load capacity - 30 tons, it is much higher than that of the T-90 - said Murakhovsky.

Representative of the "Puffin" is also noted that tracked more stable platform for shooting than wheel, and does not require extension supports. At the same time, he did not rule out that, in connection with the transition to wheeled platform ground forces will need the "Coalition" on wheels.

- We expect that after selecting the platform "coalition" will be the main artillery system, replacing "Mstu-C", "Acacia" and other settings of 152 mm caliber, - said the representative of the "Petrel."

Settings "Coalition-SV", before they get in the Russian army to go in 2013, production testing, and in 2014 - the state tests for compliance with the customer.

In this setting, "MSTA-S", which are now rearming the army in 2020 morally obsolete.

- For a while, "MSTA-S" will be in service as a reserve, and then I think they will just sell abroad because of guns 152 mm there is a need in the world market - said the "Thunderbird" .

Officials from the Russian Defense Ministry refused to comment on the needs of the troops in the instruments of "Coalition-SV"

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