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8 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi

Russian "Blackjack" swung

Сергей Птичкин (Sergei Ptichkin)

Began testing the missile system, which is unique in the world

Successfully passed the so-called throwing a missile test X-35UE fired from launchers placed in a standard shipping container complex Club-K. The launch was carried out on August 22 at one of the specialized landfills.

Anti-ship missile Kh-35 is different and hardly noticeable to the purpose of the flight at an altitude of no more than fifteen meters, and on the final trajectory - four meters. The combined system and a powerful homing warhead can destroy a single missile warship tonnage of 5000 tons.

Throwing test - the first stage of testing any missiles. It turns out: Is it true the algorithms of launching, as the product itself responds to the commands were in general - Can easily leave missile launcher.

Unfortunately, we have a strange practice. Tanks, missiles, aircraft still in the drawings, as already stated that they will necessarily be accepted for service, indicating the specific dates. All dates are, the years fly by, and the promise of miracle weapons are no and no. So a belated report on the successful roll out of the container missiles Club-K gives hope that the works are on schedule and in the right direction. That is, there was a thorough check of the results, and only then publicly announced their success.

First layout of this missile system demonstrated at the military-technical salon in Malaysia in 2009. He immediately made a splash. The fact that the Club-K is a standard freight 20 - and 40-foot containers that are transported on ships, rail cars or trailer. Inside the container is placed command and multipurpose launchers with missiles Kh-35UE, 3M-54E and 3M-14E, capable of engaging both surface and ground targets.

Any container carrying Club-K, is essentially a missile carrying a devastating volley. A train with any such containers or convoy of container trucks - powerful missile units, able to appear where the enemy does not expect.

Anything like this in either the U.S. or in Western Europe did not develop. First, the zealots of the world order, even outraged, expressing concern that such containers surprises with rocket falling into the hands of terrorists, which is unacceptable. Later, however, calmed down, which is natural - Russia arms with terrorists does not trade.

But there were allegations that the developers of the original missile system just bluffing, trying to push the global market pacifier. According to western engineers, place in the limited space of the shipping container four launchers and control cabin is physically impossible, and Russian is certainly not able to do.

Successfully completed on August 22 tests showed - Club-K is not fiction, but actually existing combat system. As the "RG", are now preparing similar tests with missiles 3M-54E and 3M-14E. By the way, the 3M-54E missile is capable of destroying even an aircraft carrier. More. It is planned that mobile missiles Club-K will participate in large-scale exercises "Caucasus-2012", that is, they begin army trials.

By the way, the English word has several Slub Russian synonyms: the club, the container and club. It is no exaggeration to say that the new "Billy Club" was not a primitive weapon, and one of the most advanced missile systems in the world.

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