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30 Ekim 2012 Salı

DCNS Anticipates Future Missions with New SMX-26 Submarine Concept-Ship

Source: DCNS; issued Oct. 26, 2012)
(Issued in French only; unofficial translation by

PARIS --- DCNS unveiled, during the Euronaval show in Paris this week, its SMX-26 submarine concept-ship, a small submarine designed to operate in shallow waters and in coastal areas, where submarines do no go for fear of beaching.

The SMX-26 can remain at rest on the sea-bed for a long time, while continuously observing its environment, before engaging its target at high speed with suitable equipment.

Thanks to its shape, the SMX-26 can operate in waters less than 15 meters deep. It is exceptionally maneuverable, and can maintain its position near the sea bed, or the surface even at strong sea states thanks to its two propulsion shafts and four steerable and retractable propulsion pods.

The SMX-26 also differs from other submarine designs by its capability to conduct long covert surveillance missions. It can rest on all kinds of sea-bed thanks to a unique system of leg-like struts fitted with deployable wheels. It can also remain at rest on the sea-bed for a long time thanks to buoy-mounted flexible snorkels which allow it to recharge its batteries and to renew its air supply. Its integrated and remotely-deployed sensors ensure comprehensive monitoring of its surroundings, both above the surface and underwater.

It can quickly deploy its offensive assets, including a team of up to six special forces soldiers, either on or near the surface, thus allowing apprehension of illegal elements “in flagrante”.

It is also armed with two weapons incorporated into its masts: a 20mm automatic cannon for police missions, and a missile container for self-protections against aircraft attacks. Finally, it carries two heavyweight torpedoes and eight lightweight torpedoes fitted with powerful warheads.

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