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1 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

Mashregh – Ra’ad air defense system differs from Buk-M2

27.09.2012  Iran Military News

IRGC-affiliated Mashregh News, which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, published a lengthy article on the Ra’ad system emphasizing that it as entirely domestically-produced but bears similarities with Russian-made BUK-M2 systems.

Since Iran displayed the Ra’ad system last weekend, there has been a lot of speculation that it is based on the Russian Buk-M2 system and that Iran could have obtained Russian technology via Syria, which bought the BUK-M2 system from Russia.

Mashregh said that Ra’ad looks basically similar to the Russian system but claimed there are vast differences in various components, and that this proves the system was designed and built entirely in Iran.

The article takes care to note that Iran has yet to announce Ra’ad’s radar and control system specifications, but said that it is possible to compare it with the Buk-M2.

Referring to Ra’ad’s vehicle, Mashregh said that Iran has designed over 10 types of tactical vehicle that can operate in rugged terrain, and so has the expertise to design the Ra’ad components.

According to Mashregh, Ra’ad is equipped to fire three surface-to-air missiles, whereas Buk-M2 has room for four. The Ra’ad is also designed to fire domestically made Taer-2 missiles, which it says differ in size and shape from Russian-designed missiles.

The report said that the Iranian made missiles are superior to the Russian counterparts.

Iran has used and implemented better methods for design processes, the article claims.

Top to bottom: 9M317, Taer 2, 9M38 (according to Mashregh)

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