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24 Ocak 2013 Perşembe

Azerbaijan purchases long-range missiles from Turkey

24 January 2013 APA - BAKI -  Rəşad Süleymanov

Azerbaijan has purchased long-range missiles from Turkey, Turkish ROKETSAN company reports.

300 mm caliber T-300 “Hurricane” missiles (named as Kasırga by the Turkish Armed Forces) were purchased on the basis of the delivery contract in amount of $244 mln signed in 2010, APA reports.

According to information, currently, these missiles are improved compared to analogs used in the Turkish Armed Forces. No information was given about the number and advantages of the systems.

T-300 provided with modern systems is designed to strike critical targets from more than 100 km distance. This system, which is included in the armament of the Turkish Armed Forces, is deployed on 6x6 and 8x8 tactical wheeled-armored vehicles. The complete system includes 5-meter long four exhaust pipes. Missiles are available at an interval of 6 seconds. T-300 is equipped with an automatic fire control system.

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