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11 Mart 2013 Pazartesi

Iranian Army to Test-Fire 3 New Missiles

09.03.2013 TEHRAN (FNA)

The Iranian Army Ground Force plans to test-fire different types of missiles during a series of wargames due to be held in the near future, a senior army commander announced on Saturday.

Speaking to FNA, Lieutenant Commander of the Army Ground Force General Kiomars Heidari said his forces plan to stage massive missile drills in the near future.

He added that the wargames will be held by the end of the current Iranian year (ends on March 20) if okayed by the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces.

"Part of the Army Ground Force's missile units will carry out combat and operational tactics in the wargames," Heidari stated.

The commander further said that the army will be equipped with new missiles, adding that the missiles have already been test-fired and will undergo operational tests during the drills.

"We plan to test-fire three new types of missiles in the wargames," Heidari underscored, adding that the exercises will be held in the country's Central regions.

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