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11 Mart 2013 Pazartesi

RF Navy to get 24 subs, 54 surface ships before end of 2020

11/03/2013 ITAR-TASS

The Russian Navy will get 24 submarines and 54 surface ships before the end of 2020, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a video conference on Monday.

“As a result of the implementation of the state armament program, the Navy is to receive (8) eight missile submarine cruisers and 16 multipurpose submarines, 54 surface ships of different class,” he said.

According to Shoigu, the renovation of the naval composition is the most important component of development of the Navy. “However, it is impossible to preserve the Navy’s combat potential without maintaining the required level of its technical readiness,” the minister noted.

He stressed that as of 2011 the technical maintenance of ships is carried out within the framework of a three-year contract with the unified ship-building corporation. The conclusion of a new contract, as Shoigu added, is to be held in December.

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