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15 Nisan 2013 Pazartesi

Brazil reveals submarine design details

09 April 2013 by Tim Fish in Rio de Janeiro -  shephardmedia

The PWR reactor design for the Brazilian Navy’s future nuclear-powered submarine (SN-Br) has been completed.

A model of the design, known as the 2131-R, and an actual-size combustion element were on display at the navy’s stand at the LAAD exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.

A spokesperson from the Brazilian Navy told Shephard that the reactor design had been completed with assistance from France but that the reactor itself would be built in Brazil at a later date.

The navy had two separate designs of the SN-Br on display at the stand. A model from the navy’s technology centre in Sao Paulo showed a submarine divided into seven blocks with the PWR reactor positioned amidships eight torpedoes situated at the front of the boat.

Navy literature showed a second design with just two torpedo tubes but including six vertical launch missile tubes in the front section of the boat. This version is to displace 4,000t and have a length of 100m and diameter of 9.8m.

The nuclear-powered submarine is being built at part of the navy’s PROSUB programme under a contract signed between Brazil and France in 2008 for $4.25 billion. As well as the SN-Br, the programme will also see acquisition of four conventionally powered diesel-electric submarines (known as S-Br) based on an enlarged 75m-long 2,000t design for the Scorpene submarine built by DCNS.

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