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7 Nisan 2013 Pazar

Iran to Display First Home-Made Semi-Heavy Submarine in Months

 2013-04-06  TEHRAN (FNA)

Iranian defense officials announced on Saturday that the country would display its first 500-ton submarine in the next few months.

Deputy Defense Minister for Industrial and Research Affairs Mohammad Eslami said the designing and construction of Iran's new indigenous submarine is in its final phases and the new submarine will be launched by August 22, marking the National Day of the Defense Industry.

"All related works of this new submarine from designing to production of basic materials and equipments have been accomplished by local experts and proportionate to our conditions and needs," Eslami stated.

He added that the subsurface vessel with a weight of 500 tons will be Iran's first semi-heavy submarine and is a final ring in the china of the country's defense needs, given the other submarines, including Qadir-class light submarines and Tareq-class heavy submarines, that Iran already has.

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