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3 Mayıs 2013 Cuma

Russia's first wheeled howitzer to be presented soon

April 19, 2013 Alexey Mikhaylov, Denis Telmanov, Izvestia

The Koalitsiya-SV 152-mm twin-barrel howitzer, based on the KamAZ-6560 platform, will premiere at the famed Nizhny Tagil tank show this September.

The Russian Defence Ministry has launched a programme to gradually replace tracked artillery pieces in its arsenal with wheeled types. Russia's first wheeled howitzer will be revealed to the public at the REA 2013 international military equipment exhibition in Nizhny Tagil in September.

KamAZ spokesman Oleg Afanasyev told Izvestiya that the new howitzer will be based on the four-axle KamAZ-6560 truck, which has a history of construction and military applications. The platform underwent minor modifications to accommodate the Koalitsiya piece, including the installation of a more powerful engine and a reinforced frame to withstand the recoil.

"This is essentially the platform used in the Pantsir-S SAM system," Afanasyev explained. "It meets the factory and military specifications. It is also in production, which means there will be no production-entry hiccoughs."

According to Afanasyev, a prototype Koalitsiya platform has been shipped to the Motovilikhinskiye Zavody factory in Perm in Russian Urals, which manufactures the howitzer. Factory testing of the complete item is expected to last until late 2015, and will lead up to the official commissioning of the new weapon.

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