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25 Haziran 2013 Salı

Russia Offers Iran New S-300 Replacement

24.06.2013  source:

Russia recently offered S-300VM or SA-23 Gladiator to Iran attempting to cover up its failed deal to supply S-300 missile systems to Tehran, according to reports.

This S-300VM missile defense system can simultaneously destroy up to 24 aircraft within the range a range of 200 kilometers or intercept up to 16 ballistic missiles.

The deal will be finalized next month, according to reports.

Iran was initially interested in the S-300 missile complexes, signing in 2007 a contract worth $800 million for five missile defense systems of this make. But the deal was scrapped in 2010 by then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who was unilaterally expanding on sanctions against Iran imposed by the UN Security Council.

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