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6 Haziran 2013 Perşembe

US to Deploy Patriot Missiles, F-16 Jets to Jordan

June 04, 2013 Reuters

The United States will deploy Patriot anti-aircraft missiles and F-16 fighter jets to Syria's neighbor Jordan this month, Jordan said on Tuesday, drawing swift condemnation from Moscow which accused the West of sending weapons to fuel Syria's civil war.

Jordan said the planes and missiles will be sent as part of an annual exercise to begin in the last week of June. Military sources said the exercises would involve armies from at least 18 countries with more than 15,000 troops.

“These annual exercises will increase the preparedness of the Jordanian army. This year we are in need of more advanced weapons,” Jordan's Minister of Information Mohammad al-Momani told Reuters.

There was no official statement suggesting the Patriots or the fighters would be withdrawn when the exercises are over.

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